I made it! Right now I’m sitting outside of Bradley International Aitport in Windsor Locks, CT. This is the end of my first set of maps, and the begining of the second, which will take me all the way to Norristown, PA.

There are a bunch of things happening in early July that I’m planning on comming back for so I really only have about 10 days of riding ahead of me (plus a few more to get back, which I still need to figure out how to do). If I keep with the plan of 50 miles per day, it will take me 6-7 days to get to Norristown (~320 miles from here). Add in a rest day, and all of my time is pretty much taken up, so this is my goal for this section of the trip. I was hoping to make it to DC, but that looks a bit ambitious, being a little more than 200 miles past Norristown. But is there are lots of downhills and good weather it could be a possibility (althought I’m not going to push it since I would probably only just make it there, and not have any time to be a torrist before I had to come back).

Goal for tonight: Granby.

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