Barkhamsted Reservoir

Well I made it past Granby and I’m at Barkhamsted Reservoir in Pleasant Valley. I was debating on staying here or at a state campground about 3 miles away from here, but after a call to find out how much a site costed there, and finding out there were no more sites available, the decision became pretty easy. This is a pretty nice spot (its scenic, has well cut grass, etc.), but the best spot to keep out of sight is still fairly noticible and bound to be buggy tonight. I guess we’ll know in the morning just how stealthy I am. But for now, it’s time to contaminate so nice peoples drinking water.

Distance traveled (per Evan’s requeat):
– Today: 53.3 miles in 4h:33m of riding time
– Trip: 270.0 miles (exactly!)

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  1. Hi Matt,
    Laura and I enjoyed viewing your pictures and website. We just dragged your mother to the top of Rag Rock to view the Flag Day fireworks. They were awesome. The police showed up to control your mother’s behavior. They realized we weren’t a partying crowd and left. Right now, Laura and I are sitting in your kitchen talking with your mom and Missy. Michael tried to get to this website, but he couldn’t figure it out. Have a great trip!!!

    -Joanie and Laura

  2. Hi, Glad you had a nice day. Mimi and I had a great day. It was nice to see the town she was born in. I got back from Gloucester at 9:30 and got my PJ on and the door bell rang. It was Joanne and Laura wanting me to go to fireworks ( so they would not get lost) so like Mimi I changed and ready to go. They were nice but miss the ecco as in Maine. Take care and have fun.Love Mom and Dad

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