Late start

Apparently I was really tired last night. I didn’t wake up till about 9:30 this morning, but I attribute some of that to me picking one of the shadiest sites in the park. I was tempted to make use of the free shower again but since I was already running late I decided to skip it. By the time I was done packing up and back on the road (my campsite was a few miles off my course) it was just past 11.

One of the first directions on my map today was “Turn uphill onto SR60”. When a bike map motes that the turn is up hill, Get Ready! It was definately worth it though as there’s a decent sight, and I was a deer (first of the trip I believe) and an awesome firery yellow/orange and black bird.

I did write down how much I travelled yesterday but I can’t remember it right now off the top of my head and its packed away right now so I’ll post that later.

A nice guy just stoped to see if I needed directions. He said he went touring about 25 years ago with a napsack with 25 lbs. of gear on his back. He must of been nuts! Knowing how much more gear weighed then, and how little 25 lbs. of gear is (I’ll take that much on a day hike), he had to have been roughing it. Ohh well, back to the road again.

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