What a morning! After that first long hill there was a nice down hill, which led into the nicest part of my trip yet. It was a long section of a nice shady road right next to some beautiful sunny fields. It was almost all up hill, but at ever so slight a grade. It was probably steep enough that if you placed a tennis ball on it, it wouldn’t roll, but if you gave it a little tap, it’d roll for miles. I bombed through this part. Even with it being up hill I was staying between 15 and 18 mph. It was just awesome. If the whole trip was like that you wouldn’t be able to get me to stop. It was just that good of a ride.

Speaking of enjoyable rides, when I was at the campsite yesterday, I took the trailer off and rode the bike around, and boy, what a difference. I swear I’m at least 5 mph faster without that trailer. When I get back I’m going to spend a few days on the cape and try for a century (riding 100 miles in a day). I bet I could do it. If I planned it right, I really wouldn’t have to carry much at all since there are so many places to get food and water. I bet if I pushed it I could even get 150 miles in, or maybe I’m just getting excited and over-estimating my abilities. Either way, I’m going to try it out and see how I do.

I’ve already rode over 30 miles today, which is really good considering my start time. I think I’m going to go find a shady spot, conk out for an hour and then go till I cross the Hudson.

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  1. yo pos its geoff im watching reno 911. im glad thigns seem to be going well. im glad that you got backt o biking as well. we went ghost hungting last night but everyone was being retarded and big mike and i still wanted to go so we got there and everyone decided to dance in a parking lot for like an hour and a half and then when we got to the actual place where the trail was, everyone was too tired to go and it was stupid. oh well. it was a crematorium that was abandoned that you had to walk a mile through a corn field to get to. we will go when you get back.

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