8-Hour day

I rode for just over eight hours today, and that’s the time the wheels were spinning! I was hoping to make a Century, but fell shot at 88 miles. I probably could have squeezed a few more in before dusk but I found an abandoned bank that looked like a nice place to stay, and since I didn’t have time to make it another 12 miles, I decided to stop.

I met two interesting characters today, who I’ll call Glock and Bull, I never got their real names. Glock had a lot to say about the roads, trails, and camping spots around here. He only road short distances but carried more gear than me on his bike (he estimated it at 65 lbs. worth). Bull helped me out with some directions and then we talked a bit about the flooding that had been plaguing this area in the last year or so.

I’ve got about 60 miles left till Norristown, PA where I’m meeting Amanda. For a little while I was almost going to meet her in New Hope, which is only 20 miles from here but that didn’t happen. Either way I’m still going to get to see Have Heart tomorrow, so that will be awesome.

The sun’s already set and its almost dark now, so I’m going to go. Hopefully I’ll get an early start tomorrow and make it to Norristown in good time.

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  1. 500!!!!Looking good. Dad said you called. Today was the last day of teaching. I did not say school as we are still doing the line on course (worked lastinght until 10:30p.m.)and am taking 2 more this summer. Missy is working tonight at Burlington mall. She likes it there. It is getting hot here. Tomorrow and Sunday is surpose to be near 100. Hope that is not the same for you. I have he fan on and Dad just but the air on upstairs. Take care and love you

  2. matt, chet here, glad to hear your doing well. slept in a cematary hugh, pretty nice! kepp the cranks spinning.

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