So I made it! I didn’t have any time to post yesterday, but I had an awesome time.

I woke up in the morning around 7:30. My stuff was pretty wet from sweat and morning dew, so I laid it out on the driveway of the bank I was sleeping at to dry and made some breakfast.

Being a Saturday and riding near a bike trail, there were lots of other riders out, which is always nice. I stopped at Bull’s Island to get some water and talked to two guys about the trip for a bit. A little bit later another biker stopped me because he thought one of my bags was going to fall off. It turns out it was alright, but I noticed that he had a touring bike so we talked about that for a bit. Between these two stops I really didn’t have much more time to spare.

I had to meet Amanda in Norristown between 3 and 4 which was about 55 miles away fro. Where I started that morning. Most of the riding was on top of open windy hills which were newly paved which made for a REALLY hot ride in the 100 degree sun we had yesterday. Fortunately, I drank enough water and was able to make it Norristown around 3:30, so it was a good day.

I got a ride back to Amanda’s house and took a much needed shower. I borrowed a clean shirt and we headed off to the show. As soon as we got there Justin from Have Heart saw me and we talked for a bit. The show started and was a lot of fun. Pat pulled me out during their set and announced to everyone that I had ridden my bike 150 miles in two days to make it to the show which was pretty awesome but kind of awkward. Like 3 or 4 bands got added to the show so it kind of dragged on but still really awesome.

After the show we hit up the local Wawa, which is kind of like a 7-11 down here, but was better. They had King Size Take 5 candy bars, which was awesome. I ate for like the 100th time that day. And we headed out to a pool party.

There weren’t many kids at the house, but everyone that was there was really cool. I talked to them for a bit and then joined Amanda, Justin, and Chris in the pool. We started a huge whirl pool, and easily ran a good 2 miles in the process. Afterwards we hung out a bit more while we waited to dry off and then we headed back to Amanda’s and I watched horrible 3am tv until I fell asleep.

Today we woke up around 10 o’clock, which was nice for a change, and now we’re about to go into Philly. We’re going to get some cheese steaks and try to get into the Philly/Red Socks game. I’m probably going to hang out here for another day or two and then head home for a week before starting back out to DC.

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  1. Glad you made the shoe and had a good time. I can’t amaigin how hot the newely paved road was. First as I read it, I thought nice smooth ride but did not think of the heat raising off the road. It was real hot today. We are watching 60 min now and there is a story on Neil Armstrom. He starts his last Tour de France tomorrow. 2,300 miles in 23 days. Lots of Hills through the Alps. He wrote a bike – It’s not about the bike. He has a cancer foundation in his name and has raised 800 million $. If given one chooce, he choose to first to be remembered as a cancer survisor that a Tour de France winner. It was an interesting story. Maybe a little more interesting with you biking. Tomorrow I plan to take Missy and Kim to Mimi’s. They will go to the beach and I’ll spend time with Mimi. Missy has work in Burlington at 5 pm. Your suggestion of working both places is working out well. Keep dinking the water no mater if your riding or not. We did get the DVD working the other day, I’m on lesson 8 in my online course. Nine in all then the project . I start a new one at the court house on Wed. Well must go. Love you.

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