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Yesterday was a lot of fun. We woke up around 10, ate breakfast, hung out with Amanda’s mom, and cousins for a bit and then headed out to Philly. Apparently there are more Red Sox fans in Philly than there are Philly fans, so the game was sold out a month ago (there were still Standing Room Only seats but neither of us felt like standing through an entire baseball game). We ended up walking around and poking in and out of a few stores and then heading home. We ended up hitting a bunch of traffic but with the iPod in hand we had an entertaining ride home (possibly the highlight of the day).

Amanda’s mom went completely overboard and cooked a ton of food for all the guests that were over (but according to Amanda she was really good, I guess she usually makes even more food when people are over). We had shisk-ka-bobs, with steak, turkey, and shrimp on them, two different types of rice, corn, salad, and I’m sure there were at least two other dishes that are slipping my mind right now. Once we had had our fill of that, she brought out round two: DESERT! She had chocolate covered raisins, chocolate covered strawberries, cream puffs, and gelati. Everything was absolutely delicious!

After digesting all that food, we said good bye to her cousins and went ‘into town’ (something that Amanda’s cousins kept saying). We walked around and then just chilled out for a bit until we met up with one of Amanda’s friends I had met the night before, Ron. We were planning on going into Philly again, but Ron got a call from a friend saying there was a small party going on nearby so we went to that instead. We stayed there trading stories and playing Mario Cart till about 2:30am, and then headed home.

Amanda had a bunch of things to do today so I took of. It was kind of a bum day to walk around since its been raining off and on all day, but I managed to get a bit in between the spurts. Its a college town, so there’s a good amount of places to eat and things to look at, and more importantly, it has a fairly comfy library to hide out in when the rain did come down.

I’m just hanging out now, waiting for Ron or one of the other kids I’ve met around here to get done with what they have to do, then we’re hanging out. I’ll probably crash at Ron’s house tonight, and maybe tomorrow, and then catch a ride back to MA with some for the show on the 30th. I’ll be around there for the 4th, and then catch a ride back down with one of them again, if any of them are still around, and then be back on the bike by the 7th. At least those are how the plans are looking in my head right now, we’ll see how they look tomorrow.

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  1. Can I eat at Amanda’s house. It sounds better than a restraunt! You got a package today. It looks loke a record . Let Rock in NJ. Mimi just got a AAA magazine and the cover about Philli.They talked about the Libberty bell, Ben Franklin National Science Musemum. Food- Philly steak and cheese and pretzels. I knew about the first but not the second. Did you walk by the Museum of Art. That is the famouse training steps from Rocky Balboa (Movie) Take care and keep on having fun. Love you.

  2. You sure are having a great summer! Nice that you have so many good friends everywhere. All that good food sounds good! Beats peanut butter sandwiches!!Love Mimi

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