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Today was my last day in Philly. Amanda and I went in to do the Philly things we didn’t get to do before, like see the ‘Rockey Steps’, the Thinker, and get some Philly Cheese Steaks. We had a lot of fun.

Then she had work so I went back to Brooke’s and we went to Far Out’s band practice and then to Denny’s with all od them. After that we went to Put-Put, played in the arcade for a bit and then a round of mini golf. I’m not sure how but we were there for over 3 hours. We were all havining a good time, but having stayed up late the last few nights, we called it a night around 11.

I’ve definitely been off the bike for too long now, but had an awesome time. I got to see Have Heart in PA, met a lot of awesome kids, go gambeling in Atlantic City, go back to Boston for Paige’s birthday, and two shows, have a sleepover in Paige’s “party room”, see Ezac’s new band, Icepick, do four Skarhead covers (as well as several Biohazard, Cro-Mags, and other covers), go bridge jumping, have a BBQ, go canoeing, hang out in Philly, go camping and see fireworks. If I stayed a few more days I could also to a beach party at Amanda’s house on the Jersey Shore and to either 6 Flags or Hershey Park but if I stay any long I’d probably have to start getting my mail forwarded here.

Tomorrow I leave for DC, which I will hopefully make it to by Friday. Talk to more alnong the way!

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  1. Hi Matt Your trip is almost over. Next stop is Washington D. C. and then home. It has been a wonderfull experience for you and so glad you had such a good time meeting all your friends. See you soon! Love you! Mimi

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