Riding again.

It was tough to get up this morning, and of course once I did I took forever to get ready. I filled all my water bottles, re-inventoried my food, and repacked all my gear.

Brooke hooked me up with a ride back to Norristown, PA. It wasn’t that far away, but our directions were kind of lousy, so it took us a while to find the spot where I needed to be dropped off.

Once we did, I suited up, hooked up the trailer and got ready to go. It was just about two o’clock my this point, so it was definitely a late start, but with no real timeline, it didn’t matter all that much. What a life!

I got a bit misdirected not far into my trip, so it hasn’t been a very productive day yet, but being my first day back on the saddle in so long, that’s almost to be expected.

I’ve about 23 miles in the last two hours. I’m going to take a little rest here, somewhere near Pughtown, PA, and then push on hopefully to Plowville or Bowmansville for tonight.

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