Today is going alright. I woke up dry, got back on track fairly quickly, and managed to find my way through these poorly marked roads pretty well. I didi get a little off track for part of the morning but got to see some Armish men working the fields, and saw a couple riding in a hourse and buggy.

The rain held off for the entire morning, but there was no holding it off. I felt a few rain drops, took a look up, and knew I was about to get wet. I saw a man standing outside his garage who I started up conversation with and he said I could wait the rain out there. Not 30 seconds later, the rain started coming down in buckets!

I’m going to rake a short rest here, untill the rain let’s up, and then carry on. 32.88 miles so far today. So I’ll definitely break 50 today but not 100.

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  1. Hope it did not rain all day for you. I like the place you slept last night – looks like the Ritz for you! Hope you didn’t go to batty(sp?). Take care. Love you

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