Another night… Another church…

I was a little shy on my goal for the day, but I still feel pretty satisfied. I got a late start but was able to start the day feeling rested and that call about a job interview kind of fouled me up as well. The thunder storm also held me up for close to an hour, and then I stopped a little early. Given all of these factors and still getting 40.4 miles, I really can’t complain.

This church has plenty of nooks where I could spend the night, but since it is a historic site, it looks like it is open daily. I walked the whole place once or twice and picked out the best spot. I almost slept in the wood shed they have down out back, but I think that’s unnessisary. The nook I’m in is for three doors in the basement of the building which have tables on the other side of them, so its apparent that they don’t use them and I doubt they’ll notice me. Besides if I sleep in a place where I’m slightly afraid of being caught I’ll be more likely to wake up earlier.

I’m really happy with how today went, in regard to the rain. Even if this happens every day for an hour, I don’t think it would ever get misserable. A lot of that has to do with that quote I used to have in my profile which said something about how it is toue deposition on a situation that determines how you feel and not the situation its self.

Ohh well, its about to get pretty dark here, so I’m I’m going to put away the hose I used to take a shower, make myself a bowl of cold oatmeal, and sack up for the night.

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