I woke up this morning at 6:00 on the dot practically. I fetched my phone, which was on thw other side of the building, and went back to my gear. I was still really tired, so I packed up most of it and then laid back down for a nap.

Somewhere around 7:00 – 7:30 some lawn matenance people showed up, but I think they were sketched out by me so they kept their distance. I layed there for a bit more, probably until about 8ish, and then got up and started making breakfast and such. A lady came out and kind of politely asked me to leave because there was Vacation Bible School starting at 9, and I don’t think she wanted some smelly stranger sleeping feet away from where all those kids would be, understandably.

Now I’m just on the edge of the parking lot and every other car that comes in is either a Mercedes, Volvo, or Sabb, so I think I’m in a pretty nice area.

Time to start riding. I’m aiming for about 70 miles today.

Ohh and only because its on my mind: All natural peanur butter is tastier on sandwiches, but harder to eat in roll-ups. I had to drink a quart of water to help move it down (which was probably a good thing).

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