Let’s see how this goes…

I fixed the flat and gave it a test run without the trailer. It seemed pretty wobbly when I stood up and cranked hard, so I tried adjusting it a little bit. Its been so long since I’ve riden without any weight, its really hard to judge if its happening due to the lack of wieght or the axel. I think its just me not used to the light ride because when I ride hard sitting down it seems fine.

I rearranged the trailer back to the way I had it when it was trailing best (it got a bit disoganized with all this rain), so hopefully everything should work out. You’ll all find out pretty soon if it doesn’t.

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  1. Just go back from WHS and it 4:45. I saw your last post was at 1 so hopefully your bike is doing OK. I’ll cross my fingers and say a prayer for you. It is getting hot and muggy again here. We are going to Maine tomorrow niight and may stay the whole week. It depends on how the road project goes. Then I start school for 3 weekd 8-3:30 each day. It will be a long day. Hope the place is air conditioned. If not I will not complain as you have it hotter and will be working harder than me on your bike. Take care. Love you

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