Am I lucky or what?

Its about quarter to six and I’m 56 miles into my day, pretty much right on target. Other than the flat tire, the day’s been going pretty well. The axel seems to be working fine, and for a 60 percent chance of rain, I’ve only got rained on lightly for maybe 10 minutes all day.

Then I hear it. A HUGE thunder clap. I knew I was going to have to find shelterreal quick for this one. Then not a half a mile later, I cross some railroad tracks with a station right there. I go down onto the platform where there’s cover and about 5 minutes later the sky opens up.

I’m about 6 feet in from the edge of the roofing and the rain is coming down so hard that its bouncing off the ground and still sprinkling on me, but hey! I’ll take this over the drenching that’s going on feet away from me any day!

So i’m going to hang out here, probably for the next 30 – 60 minutes, or however long till the rain stops, eat some dinner (you guessed it, mote peanut butter roll-ups), and sip on what’s left of my Wawa ice tea.

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