Stuck up campgrounds

Looking at my map, I saw that there was a campground 2 miles off course from about where I wanted to sleep tonight. I didn’t really want to pay for a site, but I figured it was worth a call.

So I called them and told them my deal and asked them how much a campsite was. The lady responded that it depended on how much you wanted, I’m assuming this ment with or without water, etc. I told here that I only had a bike and a little tarp that I sleep under, nd see if I can get her to say I can just sleep there. Instead, she replies “We don’t do that.” I asked what they didn’t do, and she told me that I was required to have a tent. Figuring I could pass my bizzy sack off as a tent I asked how much a site was if I did have a tent and she told me it was $36.50! That put an end to that conversation quickly. Can’t you get really crummy hotel/motel rooms for $40ish? Who stays at campgrounds like these!?!

I’ll be the guy sleeping behind the church again, than you very much.

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