Good Bye Richmond!

The last few days here were a lot of fun. Of all the different places I’ve gone so far, Sarah was definitely one of the best people to show me around. We went down to the river where the iron works were, walked across a foot bridge that was suspended from another bridge above it over to an island where we walked around and went swimming in the rapids. We went to a few shows and a few bars, which were actually really fun (one of them had a DJ who played really good bands: Agent OrangeM The Descendents, and Gang Green to name a few).

The next day we slept in since we were out so late the night before and then went to another park which was really park park, part zoo. They had hawks, bears, foxes, a Japanese garden, a waterfall and so much more. We walked around most of the park and then climbed a Cedar tree. Chilled out there for a bit and got some slushes.

I also got to see the Capitol building, which really isn’t much of a sight right now because its under renovation. Driving up to the Capitol we took Monument Drive which was neat. Every block or so there is kind of a roatary, and in the middle of each of these is a monument of someone famous from either Richmond oe the South in general. The weird thing about it is that all of the statues are of fallen Civil War Hero’s except for one, which is of a black tennis player. The other really weird thing that I learned, was up untill a few years ago they used to celebrate Martin Luther King’s and Robert E. Lee’s birthdays on the same day, since they were so close together. For obvious reasons this upset a lot of people and now they’ve changed it to seperate hollidays.

I got pooped on by a bird while writing this. That sucks. Good thing it was only a little. Hopefully this isn’t any indication of how the rest of the day will go.

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  1. Hi Matt So you got pooped on by a bird!! That’s what Grampa always said “thats the luck of the Irish” Glad you’re having such a good time and even swimming in the rapids. Love you! Mimi

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