Small town, NC

Its late and I need to get up early tomorrow so this is going to be short.

Decent day of riding. I think I got like 85 – 90 miles in. I could have broke 100 miles, but I stopped to get my hair cut. The barber and guy in front of me, DC, were both real impressed with my trip. DC called up someone to bring down a camera to take a picture but that didn’t end up happening. It was fun ralking to them though and now it should be easier to stay cool. Having longer hair was driving me nuts because it would get real gross from all the sweat stuck under my helmet.

Tonight I’m sleeping in a house that’s still under construction again, and tomorrow I’ll be on the Outer Banks. I’m not sure if I’ll have reception out there or not so this could be the last post for a while. I’ll que them up though, so when I do get back to land there’ll be a surge of updates.

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