Bye Pat!

Its really hot out and Pat just threw a fire work at me. Its not even noon and its already over 95. I guess tomorrow is supposed to get up to 105. I’m not looking forward to that, but its supposed to cool off after that, so that will be good.

The last few days have been a lot of fun, even though I was really tired most of the time. I’m guessing that was due to riding 211 miles in the two days before getting here, and all the time we spent in the hot heat.

The beaches here were awesome. The water temperature is perfect; cool enough to be refreshing, but not too cold that you have to get out after a few minutes. And there’s always good waves.

Going back on the road is always such a hard moment. Having to constantly re-adjust between having friends, luxuries like air conditioning, showers, and varieties of food, and riding close to 100 miles a day and sleeping behind churches has probably been the hardest part of the trip. If I only slept at a house for a night and kept going it definitely would be a lot easier, but I wouldn’t have near as many stories or enjoyed the trip as much, so doing this is necessary.

My next goal is the Florida boarder. I’m guessing it should take me about five days to get there. Once I’m there I’ll have to start planning my trip back home so I can make it in time for my job interview on the 12th (it was on the 16th, but they had to move it up). I’m hoping I can make it to Orlando, Florida before having to turn around but I won’t set that as a goal just yet. For now its to the boarder and everything after that is a surprise!

Ready. Set. Ride!

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  1. you are flying back i presume? are you going to continue after the job interview from orlando to the keys?


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