Red Bluff Landing

It took 25 days of riding, but I finally found it. At Red Bluff Landing there’s a rope swing, a bridge to jump off of, and some nice shade to hide in. The perfect spot to stop for lunch!

The river was lower than usual I’m guessing because the rope swing wasn’t nearly far enough out to be used, but it was still plenty deep to be able to jump off of the bridge.

I got here around 1:30, and was just dying in the sun. Being the first day back on the road, and then having to contend with this hot weather, even for this area, I decided early that I was going to take these next few days easy. So when I rode past this spot, I knew this was were I had to spend my time. I swam around for a bit, jumped the bridge a few times, and then took a nap in the shade for a bit while I dried off.

Its about 3:30 now, I’m hoping to make it another 20 miles or so before stopping for dinner, and then ride a bit more for a total of 50 – 60 miles for the day.

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