I did not expect to see this!

I’m sitting outside of a church resting up, waiting for the heat to die down a little bit, when all of a sudden I see a wild boar (or is it a pig, I’m not sure I know the difference) run by me. He was pretty fast so I couldn’t get too close, but if you look just left of the left most grave stone in this picture you’ll be able to spot him.

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  1. Hi Matt Glad to hear you’re on the road again! I missed your daily blog. Mom stayed over night and went to school from here. Lovely and cool today! what a relief!! I’m going to Maine with her this weekend. I might go visit the people I’m going on the trip with as they live in Turner Falls near Lewston. Happy biking. love Mimi

  2. The south is known for wild bours. They can be furious. I remember when I was young we went on a boat ride at Wichie Washie and we saw some along the river. The man told us about them and beware. So add them to your list with the allagators and snakes! Glad you have meet so many nice people and that God is watching over you. Love you.

  3. Yo dude – watch out for those boars! Did it have tusks? YIKES! How scary! Anyway, I’m back in columbia now, give me a call if you need anything though, okay man? I had a lot of fun, and I’ll be sure to try and get to Boston soon.

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