Broken iPod.

This actually happened the day before yesterday, but I didn’t get a chance to post it until now. The last day I was riding, last Saturday, was when it started acting up. It would play some songs, but then not others. It would happen to entire albums not song by song. When it would get to an album that it couldn’t play, it would actually try to play each song, but be stuck at the beginning of it for a few seconds, and then go on to the next track, which would do the same thing.

This was a bummer, but not a huge problem. When I listen to my iPod most of the time I’m putting on Hammer Bros., Have Heart, or The Freeze, and all of those bands still worked.

Then my iPod wouldn’t turn on any more. It would start to boot, showing the Apple logo for a moment, then turning the back light on as usual, but never getting past this point. I forced a reboot several times, without any luck. If I tried to go into the diagnostic mode, that would work fine, but after rebooting from that it would go back to the previous state.

When I got to Pat’s, I tried hooking it up to his computer, but since its a Mac formatted iPod, it wasn’t recognized. I left it plugged in there for a while anyways to let it charge, but that didn’t seem to help much.

I then left it plugged into the wall charger overnight. In the morning I checked on it again, and it was at the screen you see when you turn your iPod on for the first time, which asks you what language you’d like to use.

When I saw this, I knew I was in trouble. I answered the questions and looked at what music was left on the iPod, only to find that it was all gone.

I thought about hooking it up to Pat’s computer to get some of his music, but again, its formatted for Mac, so that was no use. I could have formatted it to PC, but really just didn’t have the time.

So now its in the mail, headed home with two long sleeve shirts and a polar fleece that I definitely don’t need any more. I haven’t used any of then yet, and I doubt I’ll be needing them down here. They didn’t weight all that much, but were just real bulky, so by sending them home I was able save some room in my trailer and have some nice padding for my iPod while it shipped.

It does stink to not have music anymore, but I only listened to it every few days, so its not a huge loss, and I’m sure that Apple will fix it since its still under warranty, so there’s no problem there. Better it happen now than four weeks ago.

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