Well I was half right…

The rain did clear up, but only temporarily. I finished making myself a sandwich just as the rain was letting up. It looked like the coast was clear, but I decided to wait a few minutes. I saw a bolt of lightning coming from the direction I just was. I didn’t think much of it, but subconsiously I knew it was something. Not ten minutes later it started pouring cats and dogs, harder than before. I’m guessing I was either in the eye or a whole in the storm. I pulled out my sleeping pad and started to nap while I let the storm pass.

Two and a half hours later, its still at it and getting dark. So it looks like its a short day for me today. I pulled out my bivvie sack and got ready for bed. I still need to use the bivvie sack, even though i’m in this barn because all the sides are open and there’s a number of holes in the roof. Besides with the rain its cooled off a lot and it will provide the right amount of heat for a night like tonight.

Before I laid down for this nap, I took a look at the maps. There’s about 315 miles left in this section, which will get me to Ormand Beach, FL. From there is about another 150 miles to Disney World. That’s about the closest it gets to Orlando. At 90 miles a day, that should take a little more than five days which would put me there on Thursday. Add in a few more half days for rain and other unexpected delays and i’m there on Saturday, which would still leave me two days to hang out before needing to start driving home. So making it to Orlando is looking good.

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  1. if i were you i would use all the time you can to drive back seeing as you are the only one (unfortunatly i wish i could have come) becuase you will get tired and also who knows you might be able to see some sights along the way!u-geoff osmn

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