Rain, Rain…

Go away, come again another day.

I actually don’t mind the rain here all that much. I rode through it earlier today. Its so warm out down here that as soon as its done raining everything is dry again in 10 minutes. The only bad part about it, is all of the rain water evaporating off of the roads makes the air kind of humid and hard to breath.

Just now it started to rain again. It looked it was going to be a bit harder and last longer than before, so I pulled over into a barn on thee of the road. I only intended to stay long enough to put my tarp over my gear, but as I was doing that, I heard some thunder.

I waited a few minutes, and sure enought, I was right in the thick of it. I figured I’d use this time to call a few friends or to start calling places about car rentals, but Murphey’s Law prevailed, and I had no service.

Alls well though, this is just another storm I’ll have to add to my list that I’ve had shelter for. It looks like it should be clearing up almost as fast as it came so hopefully ill be out of here soon.

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