Who are you?

I got to thinking of how many hits this site gets, and was curious to see who was reading. I know I can find out some info based on the IP addresses, but I figured asking would be just as easy.

So if your reading this, comment on here just to say hi. You can do so by clicking the link below which says ‘X comments’ and then filling out the form on the right hand side of that next page. You don’t need to make and account or anything, just click other and put in your name, or you could click anonymous and just make sure to leave your name in the post.

I know some of you have posted before just to say hi, but do it again here anyways. And if you’ve been reading for a while and never posted, stop being a lurker.

If you want, you could also post what state/country your reading from. I know there are a few people in some really cool spots reading occasionally (like Mud, from Japan).

Edit: I’m putting this post at a date in the future a week so that it stays on top for a bit. Check for new posts below this for a while.

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  1. Hey Matt,
    I’m reading pretty much everyday. Crazy trip you’re doing. hey just to let you know that trial thing you showed up to didn’t go my way. I lost. But I really appreciated you guys showing up. Thanks. Later.
    Jay Coy

  2. I been with out a computer for 10 days and really missed your bog. I called Mimi each day so that she could keep me updated. Keep it up and keep your dreams commig true. Keep pedeling and enjoying life.

  3. I finally got a computer that works! Now I can check in on you and your trip whenever I want. I’m stoked your still having such a great time!

  4. just talked to you IM, but it’s evan from Cecropia, enjoying your blog when i get in each morning — giving me inspiration to bike (only) to the cape in a few weeks.

  5. Hey man, I’ve been checking it out every now and then. It seems to be an awesome trip.

  6. Hi Matt,

    I have been occasionally checking in to see your progress. You might recall that you stopped on our lawn for a brief nap way back in New Hampshire at PMA in Hudson. Glad to see that you are making excellent progress. It has been interesting. There have been a few times I have had to reread your post because you seem to be talking about something strange. It turns out that you are referring to some bands-at least thats what they seem to be. My hats off to you for keeping with the bike trip. As you transition out of the educational world over the next few years this one of those experiences that you will look back at as making a difference in how you view yourself and the world around you. If you remember I often bike the loop in Lowell though this year I have been quite lazy. I will use your experience to inspire me to get out out longer and more often. Continued success…
    Dan Lamb

  7. I never check up on you every day at work. I dont tell everyone i know about you. and i would NEVER let you stay with me. god i cant believe you never get out of the house…you ARE childhood obesity!


  8. yeah…i check in on you all the time. make sure you come back in one piece so we can be roomies in the fall. miss ya,

  9. i read it almost every day but ive read every post. things are going well around here. im about to go swimming at the westford quarries with storm and peterson. let me know what your plans are and give me a call at some point. definitally come on the hammer bros for the worse weekend we might be renting a school bus. immagine that. also i found a free place to do shows right near us so that will be fun. talk to you later!

    -geoff osmun

  10. I read all the time and tell people who dont internet(Like big mike and dave)about how you’re doing. I miss you tons and i wish i got to talk to you more but im never sround when you are.
    Miss you,

  11. hey Matt, i read this a couple times a week to see where you’re at and how you’re doing. I’m Julia, Lance’s gf – we’ve met a couple times, but I dont expect you to remember me. Okay, well be safe and keep on keepin’ on.

  12. Hey Matt,
    Congratulations on an awesome trip! You have accomplished something that most of us dream about and regret that we didn’t do it. You have always been an outstanding fellow. Now you have one more achievement for your Mom and dad to be proud of. Now, as long as Missy doesn’t get any crazy ideas. Have a safe trip back and bring plenty of pictures up to Harrison. And stop picking on us Lurkers, sometimes it’s nice to be non-committal.
    Dawes Hill / Harrison

  13. HI Matt,

    My name is Adrian and I had the pleasure of talking with you outside the Wright Brothers Museum at Kitty Hawk…just looked at your trip posts and wanted to send on my best wishes to you as you continue on with this awesome adventure.

    I live in Pointe Claire, a suburb of Montreal, Canada.

    Take good care and “let the wind be at your back”.


  14. Hey Matt, this is Daniel from Mill Creek and the Little League World Series tourny you stopped by during, here in Statesboro, GA.

  15. Keep up the good work! I check your bike blog 2 or 3 times a day. It’s so interesting. The people who run the cuboard come from Valdosa, Florida. From now on don’t swim in any fresh water due to unseen aligators and poisonous snakes.Mimi’s a worry wort! Love you. See you soon! Mimi

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