Wrong Again.

But this time for the good. Turns out it did clear up, enough to ride another couple of miles at least.

I could have gone further, it was actually really nice riding weather, but with it getting dark, me leaving town, and not sure how far it is to the next town since I’m not using my maps, I decided to stop while I was ahead.

I found a school that had a nice roof over the walk ways between buildings with picnic tables under it and every thing. This part of the school was out of sight from the road and looked great but I figured I’d explore around a little more anyhow.

Behind that set of buildings was another. It had a large opening for a doorway, but was boarded up with plywood, which had a normal size door cut into it. I peaked in past the plastic sheet used as a doorway and knew this was it. I’ll be dry here in the heaviest of rains, there water and power. The bathrooms work and the AC is on. The only thing I don’t have here is cell phone reception. That’s more than easy to deal with and will ensure that I don’t stay up late talking to people.

If I have enough miles to do it, I think I’m going to try to do 600 miles in six days, starting two days ago. I already have two one hundred milers in there, today’s being my fifth ever, and if I can do 110 the next three I should be able to make it. This is just a loose idea flopping in my head which at the very least will keep me from being lazy and doing 70 mile days, which is all I have to do to make it to Orlando in time (although I’d have no time to hang out).

I think I’m the king of run on sentences. G’night.

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