Rise and Shine!

Another early start. I got up at quarter past five to avoid the construction workers at the school I slept at. I went back over to the picnic benches I found the night before and ate a package of pop tarts. I dug out my lights and was on the road by six o’clock.

Its really just too dark out to ride before 6:00 am. By the time its 6:30 you can put away your head lamp, and then by 7:00, your in the clear for some good riding without a tail light.

I rode about 20 miles to Folkston. I’m only about 3 or 4 miles from the boarder, but I parallel it for another 25 miles before crossing it. If you can think of what Florida looks like, I’m riding down into the notch on the northeast corner of the state. Once I cross over, I start heading for the coast. I’ll go through Jacksonville and
down to Ormond Beach, which is just a few miles north of Daytona Beach.

while in Folkston, I decided to treat myself to a victory breakfast. I’m not in florida yet, but its betterfor me to eat a big breakfast than a big dinner and there was a nice little resarant not far off of the trail here. I got three pieces of french toast, hash browns, bacon, and a glass of OJ. It tasted great, but then again so does everything that doesn’t have peanut butter on it!

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