Not a bad start

Not much to report so far, but I have some time to kill so I figured I’d make a quick post.

The ant situation has died down to a tolerable level. It involved me having to completely empty the trunk bag on the back of my seat, and half of the trailer. On the plus side, my gear has never been so organized. By now I’ve worked out the perfect layout so my gear is as accessible, compact, and safe from rain as possible. There were always a few things out of place but now their all in line.

I’ve gone just over 14 miles this morning, and am now on a 50¢ ferry ride, which seems to have last all of 45 seconds. I swear loading took longer than the actual ride. It just seems kind of silly to have such a short ferry, but I imagine its probably cheaper than to build a bridge that was tall enough to still let ships up the river.

While I was waiting for the ship to arrive, I went across the street to the gas station and got some poptarts and a bigcinnamonn roll. I should definitely be getting enough calories for the morning from that.

And now for my last jumbled thought before I start riding again. There were two decent places to sleep between were I am now and where I slept last night. One was a warehouse type building that was still under construction at 4 miles and the other was a church at 9 miles. the church would have made yesterday another 100 miler but wasn’t nearly as nice as where I stayed (ants aside). Staying were I did was with out a doubt the right decision, especially not knowing what I do know now. I’m slightly ahead ofschedulel as well, or wasat leastt, so I can afford to take slightly shorter days now if it means staying at a more comfortable spot. Staying up so late on the phone probably wasn’t the best idea, but definitely helped raise myspiritss a bit and convinced me once again to go all the way to the Keys, so it was definitely worth it.

OK. Ride!

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