Mickler’s Beach

Looks like today going to be a rolling day off. I’m doing all the thing I would do on a day off, but still riding, not really worrying about how far I get.

I stopped at a bike shop earlier and put some more air in my tires. Its a bear to get much more than 60 psi with the small hand pump I have, and I can run these tires at 125 psi. Its a real noticeable difference in those 65 pounds. I actually felt taller on the bike after I filled them up.

Then I came to this beach. Its pretty good. Lots of people but not crowded. I washed my shirts and socks in the sink in the bathroom and hung them on my bike to dry. I grabbed some food and went down to the beach.

There are a lot of surfers here. I can easily count 20 in the section in front of me (that’s what the picture is of if you can’t tell, its hard to see how it looks on here). The waves look to be about 4 – 5 feet tall and a few of the kids out there talk them for pretty good rides. Its been fun watching them while I eat. I think if I have the time and the money left when I get to the Keys I’ll spend a day trying it out.

I’m pretty much done eating now so I’m going to go take a shower, WITH SOAP (I did remember to buy a bar of the cheapest soap I could find). Then I’ll keep on riding south. I’ll post back later on how far I get.

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