As I was washing up, getting ready to head back on the road, I starting talking to the person next to me, Jason, who had just been surfing. I mentioned that I had never been before and was going to ask where would be a good spot to take a day off to try it out, when he offered to take me out for a few tries. Having wanting to try it for so long, I could resist, and took him up on the offer.

I guess his board was a little small for me and not the best board to learn on, but I still had a blast. I was able to catch a few waves and kind of stood up, but only after the wave had almost died away. What a good time though.

For as far as I got, all you really use is your arms, which are something I haven’t used for anything but eating in the last two months, so I’m going to be feeling this tomorrow. But it was definitely worth it. I think when I get back to school I might start swimming laps to get in shape and give this a serious try next summer.

Now its time to shower up again and to get back on the bike, but really with a day spent like this it doesn’t matter how far I get!

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