Disney Hates Bikes.

I rode my bike from Jackie’s house to Disney’s MGM Studios. It was an easy 12 miles ride which was pure enjoyment not having the trailer attached.

It was amazing how uneven my pedal stroke us, and how much the trailer covered it up. The bike would surge forward with every down stroke of my right foot. Hopefully if I ride more like this I’ll be able to smooth it out a little bit. Either way, now that I know about it I can at least try to work on it when I do have the trailer.

After arriving at MGM, I changed into a normal shirt and set of shoes. I went over to the security check to ask if I could lock my bike under one of the unused entrances. Instead of allowing me to, or directing me towards where I could lock up my bike, they informed me that bikes were not allowed on Disney property. I told them that I had just rode my bike here from Maine, and that I wanted to pay to get into the park (which was something I planned on doing, just not today), and they told me there was really no place I could leave my bike, and that this was just company policy.

They said that they could not be responcible for my property. I asked what the difference was between leaving a car in the parking lot, and my bike there. They said that the car was locked so it was different. I explained that my bike would also be locked and they repeated that it was just company policy.

I apologized to the officers, and told them that I really just wanted to know where the closest place I could leave my bike and take a bus or taxi back to here. One of the guards said that there really wasn’t a place to leave it, and then the second guard said I might be able to try and ride the bike to a resort where they rent bikes, and see if I could work something out with one of them for a place I could leave it.

This was all kind of frustrating, and then a big thunder storm popped up, so I stuck around under some of the covered areas they had, talking to people, until it passed. I stayed dry, was able to write this post, and vent my frustration a bit, so things are better now. I’m going to try to ride to another park now and see if I don’t have better luck there.

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