Orlando! (Pat III)

Rusty told me I should talk to Pete because he used to bike, and so I did. It turns out before college he used to be a category one racer and used to race with Greg Lemond, who was the first US racer to win the Tour de France (I ride a Lemond bicycle), and Lance Armstrong. He said that even racing with Lance back then, before he even went to the Tour de France was brutal.

I’d say that meeting all of these really talented and amazing people is the best thing about having worked here. Everyone there is of such high caliber that they all fit in together so seamlessly, and their all so modest about what they’ve worked on, that you meet them as normal people, where if you had met them under different circumstances, you would have been star struck.

At around 6 pm, Jackie took me back to her house where I met her husband, their three kids, and two of their friends who were sleeping over. I played and talked to them for a while and then we ate dinner. I booked my tickets for my flight home and back here again, even though I’m still not sure if I’ll have enough time, but I won’t know for sure until I try, and I’m going to give it every effort I can.

I talked to my parents for a bit and then passed out. I’m not really sure at what time that happened at but I slept through the morning chaos here till 8:30, so I must have been out.

I made some breakfast and took a shower which was so relaxing that I took another nap till 12. I ate some more, and then started writing these posts. I’m not sure where else the time went but its almost 2 pm now. I’m going to go ride my bike (without a trailer! I’m so excited!) to Disney world and maybe ride the boat and mono rails around the parks and then come back here later on. I think I’ll end up at Universal tomorrow, and them maybe at one of the Disney Parks on Sunday, and spend Monday just riding around downtown Orlando, before catching my early flight home on Tuesday.

I’ll try to post more when I’m out doing things. TTFN! (Ta-ta, for now) (Sorry, but I’m surrounded by Disney characters so I had to.)

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