Universal Studios – Day 2

A pretty good day so far. I rode my bike here again, which is a good thing. Hopefully I’ll keep riding when I get back to MA next week so when I start going to the Keys I’ll still be in shape.

When I got here I went and watched Fear Factor Live. Normally I’m really against reality TV shows, but this wasn’t as bad because I was actually watching people do these things. And besides, I had an alteriative motive. I’m sitting outside right now trying to get cast onto the show and wanted to know what I was getting myself into.

Turns out you only have to habg from your arms longer than two of your opponents, win a team competition, which resembles a Double Dare event, and then its the final round.

The first round shouldn’t be a problem. The team round really depends on your team mate. And then the final round I think I’m really well suited for.

The final round requires you to climb a wall andremove four flags on your way up. There is a ladder but you have to climb out onto window sills and such to get the flag. I think my rock climbing experiance will do me well here.

After doing that you have to slide down a fireman’s pole and run to a convertible. The car gets hoisted about 35 feetin the air, and you have to climb out onto the hood and rip off three more flags. After doing that you have to run to the back seat of the car. There you find a “rocket launcher”, and have to fire it at a target on the building. The first person to do all of that wins the competition, and gets a bunch of swag, including four one day tickets to the park.

I think I have a really good chance at winning this, but either way it’ll be fun just to try.

First I beed to get selected though. Wish me luck!

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