Beautiful country

The houses and views here are absolutely gorgeous. I’ve been riding down Indian River Blv. If I ever become rich and want to buy a house in a climate this hot I will definitely be looking here.

Along my way I stopped at Dena’s CafĂ© in Jensen Beach. I was hoping to pick up a quick muffin or donut but all they really served was meals.

I had pretty much reached the end of the directions I got yesterday at the bike shop, so I asked the waitress if she had any suggestions of roads that paralleled US 1 but had less traffic. She didn’t really know but said that one of the cooks might.

Lionel came out from the back and was real excited to hear about my trip. He rides 10 – 20 miles a day and grew up in France so he was siked to see someone on a tour like myself. We talked about the trip and riding in France a bit and then I filled my water bottles with ice and was on my way.

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