Palm Beach – 2nd Flat

I just stopped by one of the many beaches in Palm Beach County. Let me tell you! It is abosultly gorgeous here. The houses and scenes I’ve seen today make yesterdays views look like yards of rubble. I really didn’t ever think I would go to a place that had water this color. I always thought that they used special lences or doctored the photos after to make the ocean look this clear. When I first saw it I litterally yelled “Wow”. It really is breath taking.

I stopped by one of the many beach spots here to grab some shade while I refilled my water bottles and called home to share this view. This short stop turned into several medium sized phone calls but the breeze is so nice here what’s the rush in leaving?

When I finally did get back on the bike I heard a thu-thump sound over The Beach Boys I was listening to. I got off the bike and saw that I had a flat on the tire on my trailer so I went back to the pavilion I was at and changed it. This was WAY easier to change than my bike tires (since you only inflate this to 40 psi compared to 100 psi, the tire doesn’t have to fit the rim as snuggly).

I almost threw this tire away when I realized I didn’t have another spare, so niw its back in my bag. If I do get another flat before I get to pick up another one I do have a patch kit, so no worries here!

The only problem I have left is figuring out how to put suntan lotion on my back…

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