7 mile Bridge.

This morning I woke up at 7:30, went to flags, ate breakfast, packed up my gear, and started riding again.

For the most part, the riding down here is pretty good. There is a bike trail beside Route 1, the only road down here, most of the way, and the road almost always has a reawonable shoulder. I’ve been sticking with the road more than the bike trail because it seems to be cleaner.

The only really nervracking part of this morning was crossing the seven mile bridge. I’ve been hearing bicyclist night mares of this bridge for weeks, but it wasn’t actually all that bad. The shoulder was about half a car lane wide. It did have some debrise in it, but I made it through without any trouble (the guy I talked to at a bike shop about 6 miles back said he has never crossed it without getting a flat).

At flags, they gave a weather report stating that there is q tropical depression in the area and that there would be eight foot on the sea. This means that I will probably be encountering pretty heavy rains for the next few days down here. Unfortunatly, it sounds like there might be hurricane warnings in Fort Lauterdale, where I’m going to be flying out of next Tuesday.

I was planning on riding back up there because that would make the trip 3,000 miles long, but so long as I get to Key West (which is less than 40 miles away now) I’ll be satisfied.

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  1. Hi Matt Yeah!! You did it!! I hope you don’t get in the way of the hurricane to delay you. I’ll be leaving next Friday for Florida and hpoe I miss the hurricane and not be delayed. Bobby is flying back with me to help me get settled. Everyone has been so helpfull to me. I’m so thankfull to such a loving family. Have a safe trip back! Love Mimi

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