Month: January 2006

Mount Adams recap

What a great trip! I must say that I was a bit intimidated starting out. Everyone else on the trip was far more experienced than myself and this was my first attempt at a serious winter summit. It was great

Off to Mount Adams

At 5:13 on Friday afternoon it was 16.3 degrees (-8 with wind chill) on top of Mount Washington with wind speeds of 89 and gusts of 100 MPH (source), and that’s were I’m headed! I’m day hiking Mt. Adams Saturday

Treo 650 as a Bluetooth Modem on a PC

Since my only Apple computer is a Mac Mini, using my Treo as a Dial-Up Modem (DUM) over BlueTooth was neat, but not all that usefull. Now that I have a laptop from work, setting this up on a PC