Treo 650 as a Bluetooth Modem on a PC

Since my only Apple computer is a Mac Mini, using my Treo as a Dial-Up Modem (DUM) over BlueTooth was neat, but not all that usefull. Now that I have a laptop from work, setting this up on a PC became much more practical.

At first I tried setting it up using only the information I used previously from Shadowmite’s guide, but was unable to get it working. I then stumbled across Bryan Shepherd’s guide which was much more helpful and ultimately got me up and running.

Like Bryan, I ran into the problem of having what looked like the beginings of a successful connection, only to have it fail when attempting to verify the Username and Password. By following Bryan’s steps incombination with the Palm Guide to set the APN on your computer and the “*99***1#” phone number, I was able to get this up and running.

Although I don’t like to simply repost other people’s information, with out any further contributions, I thought it was important to do so here to help verify this information since I found so many conflicting directions.

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