Long Overdue Update

So I’ve been meaning update this for a while now, but have just been so busy I really haven’t had a chance. Even now I can’t right as much as I’d really like.

Originally I was going to start posting here as I trained for the Boston Marathon. I figured I’d show how much I ran each day and what my times were. It’d be a way to keep track of how I was progressing and let others know how well I trained / did so other first time runners could gauge how much of a commitment running the marathon would be in years to come.

But as things turned out, I really didn’t train all that much. I really didn’t do anything at all untill three months out, and even then I was only running 3-5 miles maybe twice a week. I was in trouble.

Luckily for me though, my friend Chet said he would run it with me and so we started training together about four weeks out. We ran on a three day schedule: Day 1 being a fast day, Day 2 for longer distances, and Day 3 being a rest day. We did this for about 3 weeks starting one month out, which left us a week to rest up for the race. Most of our training runs were only 6-8 mile runs, my longest one being 10.5 miles exactly one week before the marathon.

Before I knew it, it was race day. I spent the previous weekend at home to make sure I could get some good sleep and that I stayed off my feet. By Monday morning I was dieing to do anything active (I am not very good at sitting still for long periods of time). My parents drove me to Chet’s house and finalized all the logistics of where we’d meet who and all of that jazz



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