The 2005-2006 OUtlET Valence Awards

Well I just got back from this truly awesome event, and here’s how they described it themselves:

Valence – a scientific term used in chemistry to describe electrons in the outermost orbit.
Valence electrons are used by atoms in chemical reactions and are generally the most important factor in determining which reactions can and cannot take place, especially in covalent bonding (definition from

In other words, the more valence something has, the more conductivity. To OUtlET, it means individuals and businesses that are a conduit for the artistic growth of this city.

And the part dealing with something that a lot of you that read this might remember:

Q: What’s the best way to let your presence be known when you live in a run down off-campus apartment located in the center of the Umass Lowell frat district?
A: Throw a killer party that contrasts so greatly with a typical college party, that it cannot be ignored. A Frappe Party. Say it out loud.

The name alone illustrates the intended parody enough for even the dumbest of folks to get the message, but it was more than just a clever play on words. These clever poontangers over at the Thrashzone actually meant it. The fridges were stocked with multiple flavors of Ice cream, milk, whipped cream, fruit, and other various toppings and blenders were running non stop.

One might think that such an outlandish party idea would only attract a few takers, but the apartment was packed from wall to wall with excited fappegoers. Despite the fact that there was a keg there (and yes, beer frappes were attempted) this was anything but your average college party, it was something better?

Just as most frat parties do, this party also ended in flashing lights. It was an issue of smokebombs thrown from the Thrashzone’s balcony to another. A few studious engineering students couldn’t take a joke, and decided to call on some divine intervention. It was probably for the best that it ended when it did. No one like the kid who was throwing the smokebombs anyway.

Best conversation of the night:

COP (to Abe as he’s walking out the door with a large plastic “keg cup”): Hey, you can’t take that out there.
ABE: Yes I can, its a frappe.
COP: uhhh, oh, okay.

Honestly, getting this meant a lot to me (although I feel that I was surrounded by people tonight that deserved an award far more than we did), and I am once again floored at the community that these people I’m proud to call my friends have developed around them, and I’m glad that I could be atleast a small part of it.

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  1. You want it, you love it, you need it!

    Thanks for the write up, dude! All you guys had to do to help build up the community is to do what you thought would be fun… how easy is that?

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