To Paris!

I’m actually ‘on my trip’ now. I left Logan last night at 6:30 and got to Philly where I managed to get on a bumped list, and so now I’m hanging out in Phily for the day and then going to Paris tonight. My trip is really only 7 full days now instead of 8, but I got 3 free meals and a round trip airfare ticket to anywhere in the world that US Airways flies. So I think Italy, if thats an option, may be on the horizon soon!

And for all the city’s to have 24 hours to kill, I have alot of friends in Philly, so last night I was able to call up one of them, go hang out at a low key birthday party for a while, and hang out some more today (after I go back to bed for a bit, I had to wake up early to make changes to my planes in Europe). So all and all, my trip hasn’t realy started yet, but its still going really well so far.

So siked for Europe!

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