Ottawa, Canada

Well now for the post that made me actually get off my ass and write the last two. I’m in Ottawa. I’ve been here since Tuesday night for the Ottawa Linux Symposium. It’s been a really good time, and I’ve met some really geeky and famous people (well, relative to the Linux community). All and all its been really informative, if not a bit to completly over my head. I really think that my coming here was really a bit premature, and that it’d really be much more useful as a networking place once I’ve started submitting code to the community and worked with a few of these people a bit. But I have gained a lot of insight into things that I otherwise wouldn’t have been exposed to for some time and so in that sense it has been really productive.

Tonight was my frist night that I really got to go out and look around the city, but I really didn’t get all that far. After going to the Hard Rock Cafe with one of my coworkers up here, Arvinder, we got some Beaver Tails, and then split up (he had some people to visit in the area). I went over to a local skate shop looking to find a punk show or something else cool to do.

They sent me over to End Hits where I found out there was a show there later that night. The kid at the counter was kind of a metal kid and didn’t really know how to describe the bands playing, but also mentioned that there was an old Surf Rock dude playing down the street. Turns out that was really a dude with a Led Zeplin cover cd who really didn’t seem all that appealing so I decided to take my luck at the record shop. Only two bands played, The Second Glance and Everlea, but it was pretty cool. Outside of the band members and their girl friends, there were probably 6 people in the basement of the store, but it was still pretty good. They both played accoustic sets, which I think made me like them more, and were both pretty good indy rockish type bands.

After the bands left, I just hung out with one of the owners of the record shop, Dave, as he closed up and then walked around a bit with him and came back to my hotel around 12. A pretty chill but fun night. Supposedly there’s a basement punk show tomorrow not too far from here, so I might check that out if I get out of the conference early enough. I’ll post more on that (the conferance, but maybe the show too) later.

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