Heroes in a Half Shell

Having grown up on the cartoon (I was never a comic book kid), and really enjoying at least the first two movies (the third was ok I guess..), Iím not really sure what to make of the new Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie.

From the trailer at least, the CG looks pretty good. I like the fact that they still give the building/back grounds a drawn feeling, like theyíre not trying to fool you into thinking that the CG world is real (although I think it will be pretty interesting when they are able to do so). The textures all look really good, but Iím really skeptical to what will happen when they go to show humans in this. Iím not sure that CG is really good enough to pull that off just yet with out looking really cheesy. I think itsís fine for kids movies that are supposed to look like cartoons like Toy Story and Monsterís Inc., but I think would be a horrible mistake for a movie done in this style. Although it might be a lose-lose situation here, because really, whatís a TMNT movie with out April?

Any ways, despite my hatred of the movie industry and their constant rehashes and disgracing remakes of quality movies I know Iím still going to end up seeing this movie when it comes out next year in March. If for no other reason than Iím way too nostalgic not to. But hey, maybe if I donít get my hopes up, I wonít be disappointed.

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