Useful Windows Programs (Rev 0.02)

Recently my job has caused me to once again revert back and use Windows for my daily work. Luckily this time I was able to get away with simply installing the free version of VMWare Server on my linux box. To do my job I needed to test the functionality of a program when connected 4 differently configured computers, each of which resulted in me needing 3 windows open. Before I knew it, my Desktop was a MESS!

That’s when VirtuaWin came to the rescue. This program lets me have up to 9 (although I find 4 to be sufficient) virtual desktops on my computer. Microsoft did release a similar tool in their power-toys package, but this was limited to running on just WindowsXP.

And so I figured it was time to update my list of usefull programs:

You can find the original list at: mattfarmer [dot] net » Blog Archive » Useful Windows Programs