Baystate Half Marathon ’06

Baystate Marathon 2006 LogoThis morning, for the first time, I ran in the Baystate 1/2 Marathons in the town I live in, Lowell, MA. Having lived here for 5 years now and recently becoming interested in long distance running it was a great experience to run with so many people in my own back yard. The route for the 1/2 marathon was actually almost the exact same route that I normally train on, just with an added lap. It was nearly mind blowing to be surrounded by the 1,500 other people that showed up today as we ran down the small hill after crossing school street between north and south campus.

I was accompanied on today’s run with one of my co-workers Kishore. This was his first run over 7 miles and he had doubts of whether he could even finish. I think he was surprised more than anyone else when we both crossed the finish line especially at a time of 2:00:33! I was really siked for him.

All and all it was a great race: lots of people, an impressive finish at LeLacheur Park, and best of all, all the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches you could eat for free!

Congrats Kishore on your first 1/2 Marathon!

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