We met up with Judy a few days ago in Bangkok. We went to see the largest reclining Buddha in the world, and to the Grand Palace, but unfortunately wasn’t able to get in because there was a funeral going on that the king was attending.

The king here is absolutely crazy. He’s on all the money and his face is plastered everywhere you look. Its illegal to say bad about the king, and when Judy once asked a kid she was teaching English to what would happen if the king ever died, the girl just shook her head scared, saying that they don’t talk about such things. So being in such close quarters to the king that day is apparently a really rare thing, and people were really excited and always trying to catch a glimpse of him which was neat.

Today is the start of Songkran, which is basically a New Years Eve celebration turned into a 4 day water fight, so I’m going to go buy the best squirt gun I can find and prepare!

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