Lost Camera

It was about half way through our train trip from Jamshedpur to Varanasi that I realized my camera was missing. I looked all through my bunk, backpack, woke Judy up and checked her bunk, where we had spent a few hours talking and planning out the next part of the trip, and searched the surrounding floor.

I’m not really sure when I lost the camera. Originally our train was scheduled to arrive on platform 2, where I took a goodbye photo with Arvinder and his dad, but at the last moment there we were switched to platform 4. This meant that everyone had to move up a crowded set of stair, across the overpass, and back down to the new platform (which was of course too much work for some, who felt it was easier to crawl through the gap of a freight train that was currently at that platform, run across two sets of tracks, and then climb back up on the new platform with all of their luggage in classic Indian style!). I think it was either here or when I was sitting somewhere with my baggy pockets that I lost it.

But whats done is done. J takes about 200 photos a day, and Judy has a really nice camera and takes similar shots as me, so I should make it home with out one OK. I also had only taken maybe 10 photos since I last uploaded everything, so its not like I lost much there which is the most important thing.

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