LA Update

So I’ve been in LA for a little over a month now and figured it was time for an update on how things have been going.

The first week was pretty much tied up with Gosslin, a holiday my friends here made up about 6 years ago. Celebrated at the end of January every year, there are 17 points that must be completed during the night. This year a few of them were: Martina has to sneak in (which he did), Jess had to lead everyone in a song of dance, the Ramones were the only band listened to, Bowser and Banshe got married, and Noah had a Translyvanian BBQ.

During all of that, me and Noah also got a dog, Girl. She was found under a car in Eagle Rock a few months ago when this really nice lady took her in. She took care of her for a few months until we heard about her through a friend of a friend of a friend of Noah’s boss… or something like that. Since we’ve got her we’ve gotten her spayed, dealt with her with a cone on her head for a week, and I started taking her on runs.

As for work, I’ve started giving the freelance thing a try. Mostly doing websites. Its slow getting work, but looks some what promising. I think I’m also going to put my skills from EMC to work and start doing some Hard Drive Data recovery. Dave’s Mac hard drive went last week (due to some nasty file system corruption that DiskUtility couldn’t fix), and I was able to get everything back for him, so I figured I’d see if I couldn’t make some money there.

I’ve also started officially training for the LA Marathon. This will be my first time training with an official schedule, instead of just running as I see fit. I didn’t look around too too much, but decided to go with Hal Higdon’s Intermediate 1 Training Schedule. It’s an 18 week program, but the race is only 15 away, so I’m going to start at Week 1 and skip one week of the schedule until I’m on track. Given I finished Boston in 3:53, with my haphazard training for 6 weeks, I think I’ll be ok with this.

Enough side tracking for now. Back to work!