New Balance Shoe Fairy

About 3 weeks ago I filled out a form on New Balance’s Website for their Wear Test program. Shortly there after I received an email back from them stating:

Matthew Farmer, your application has been received and will be reviewed by the New Balance Wear Test Team. It is possible that all positions in the Activity you indicated are currently filled, so we thank you for your patience as we look for testing opportunities that suit you.

Once you have been selected for a test, you will receive an email notification of your acceptance into the program. This email will also confirm your User ID and provide a temporary Password allowing you to log in to the site and manage your account.

The New Balance Wear Test Team

And that was that. I kind of forgot that I even applied and hadn’t heard from them since.

Then this morning I found a package on my front doorstep. At first I looked at it expecting to see my room mate’s name on it, but when I saw mine I quickly scanned the return address expecting to see it coming from my family, but was excited to see that it was from New Balance!

This last week I really started to gear up on my training for the LA marathon. I ran a 5 mile run at my goal marathon pace of 7:15 minutes / mile on Saturday and followed that up with a 8 mile run on Sunday, each of which left my knees feeling a little soggy.

I really thought a new pair of shoes might help with that, but didn’t want to drop the $80-100 that entailed on it just yet, and was thinking that maybe I’d ask for a pair for my birthday, though my family already do so much for me I didn’t want to. Last night I even had a dream about it. So these couldn’t have come at a better time. I can’t wait to get out there and put some miles on them!