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HOWTO: Burn .bin/.cue files on a Mac

Since Tiger there’s been a utility called ‘drutil’ which is a tool to interact with CD/DVD burners. To use it you simply need to drop down the your favorite shell and type ‘drutil burn .cue’ and your off and running.

Windows Mediaplayer for Mac Discontinued.

From Slashdot: According to, Microsoft has had no plans to update or improve Windows Media Player and has instead thrown its weight behind a third party plugin to fill the void. Adam Anderson, Microsoft public relations manager, told,

.bin/.cue files on Mac OS-X

.bin/.cue files are a somewhat popular file format created by a Windows program called CDRWin. Unfortunately, these files are not well supported on non-windows operating systems. Fortunately enough there’s a program call bchunk which will convert these nasty files into