HOWTO: Burn .bin/.cue files on a Mac

Since Tiger there’s been a utility called ‘drutil’ which is a tool to interact with CD/DVD burners. To use it you simply need to drop down the your favorite shell and type ‘drutil burn .cue’ and your off and running. Its an easy fix, but I always seem to forget the name of it when […]

Windows Mediaplayer for Mac Discontinued.

From Slashdot: According to, Microsoft has had no plans to update or improve Windows Media Player and has instead thrown its weight behind a third party plugin to fill the void. Adam Anderson, Microsoft public relations manager, told, ‘It’s basically a business decision for Microsoft. Like any other company, we have business priorities. […]

.bin/.cue files on Mac OS-X

.bin/.cue files are a somewhat popular file format created by a Windows program called CDRWin. Unfortunately, these files are not well supported on non-windows operating systems. Fortunately enough there’s a program call bchunk which will convert these nasty files into an iso image. Compiling it is a cinch, and using it is a breeze. I […]