After riding 30 miles this morning I was ready for lunch. I stopped by the Lake Wales Public Library to use their shaded benches and refill my water bottles.

I was still tired, I think this weekend is still taking its toll on me, so I decided to stop for a while. I used the internet for maybe 10 – 15 minutes and then took and hour and a half long nap.

I’m still a bit tired but I’m thinking about making today a short day, about 60 miles, so I should be getting to bed pretty early so hopefully tomorrow I’ll be fully rested.

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  1. Glad you got your a warm welcome! It was warm here today also so Missy, Nancy Boutwell and I went to Good Harbor for the day. We had a nice day. I went swimming a couple of times and we walked the beach 3 times. They did not go in the water- too cold. It was refreshing! 60 miles is still a good day – especially to get back on track. We love you and I know you will have a great trip.

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